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Class Duration:2 months
Per Class Hour: 1.15 hours
Time: 7.00pm - 8.15pm
Day: Saturday & Monday

Training Overview

A thorough introduction to getting started with wordpress customization and Theme Development. By the end of the course you will the master in the fundamental building blocks of Wordpress.

To sum up, you will learn step by step basics to advance level wordpress tools and tricks. After finished this course, you can also able to customize wordpress theme, develop a WP theme, know blog management, security system, Database structure considering the clients’ requirements through effective techniques.


Wordpress Customization:There are no pre-requisites for Wordpress template site Customization Training Participants. But, we assume that all students in Wordpress Customization classes start with having experience in the following:

  • ↳Must have the basic operating skill of Computer
  • ↳Must have the skill to surf/browse internet
  • ↳A little or basic knowledge on Content Management System (CMS) would be beneficial but not necessary

Wordpress Theme Development:Those who want to convert static sites to Wordpress or create their own custom themes for Wordpress sites. They require requires understanding of the following things for Wordpress theme development.

  • ↳Basic HTML and CSS Knowledge
  • ↳Basic PHP Knowledge
  • ↳Basic Database knowledge

Training Materials

All related software and useful references will be provided in class.

Training Outline
COURSE HIGHLIGHTED: Wordpress Customization and Theme Development

  • ↳ Web Technologies,
  • ↳ Wordpress Installation,
  • ↳ Dashboard Understanding,
  • ↳ Plugins Utilization,
  • ↳ Theme Development,
  • ↳ Site Security Issues,
  • ↳ Project Live Process ,