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Outsourcing Snippets for being a Successful Freelancer
Class Duration:2 months
Per Class Hour: 1.15 hours
Time: 11.30pm - 12.45pm
Day: Monday & Wednesday

Training Overview

A naive introduction on becoming a successful freelance in the online market place and of what future prospects and challenges how to cope with smartly. By the end of the course you will have assimilated all the common and crucial pros and corns with tricks about online marketplace that help prepare individuals as an established freelancer.

To sum up, you will learn step by step Tips and Tricks of individual freelancing learning and online marketplace basics to pragmatic demonstration and how to execute those tricks to get established yourself by earning dollars from online and local work.


There are no pre-requisites for the Outsourcing Training Participants. But, we assume that all students in our freelancing classes start with having experience in the following:

  • ↳ Must have the basic operating skill of Computer
  • ↳ Must have the skill to surf/browse internet
  • ↳ May have knowledge in Microsoft Office package

Training Materials

All related software and useful references will be provided in class.

Training Outline

  • ↳ Understanding Outsourcing,
  • ↳ Online Market and Freelancing,
  • ↳ Attributes and Attitude to Freelancing,
  • ↳ Attributes and Attitude to Freelancing,
  • ↳ Concepts on popular marketplace & Working conditions,
  • ↳ Start freelancing with Basic jobs type at first,
  • ↳ Learning Microsoft Package – Word, Excel & PowerPoint,
  • ↳ Popular Marketplace Odesk Practical Session,
  • ↳ Justify career prospects in Online Marketplace,