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Behind The Reason

"Only a Crazy man can change the world" but what is the reason to be crazy? How will students of socially & economically disadvantaged group change their lives by earning comfortably? Unemployment rate in our country is very high, because every year thousands of graduates are facing difficulty to get a good earning job. The government of heavily populated under developed country like Bangladesh cannot guarantee jobs for everyone. Job is not the only solution. What do you think? What Is The Solution? [Job/ EnterPreneurShip Development]

"Everyone should have intention to make themselves as a self-employed through self-development."
What is it?

Online SAFE job is a non-profit oriented organization in Bangladesh. This foundation provides professional training to young people coming from socially and economically disadvantaged background who want to start a career in information technology (IT), export and import business, trading business, capital market investment and other general businesses.
“A just Bangladesh without unemployment”
"To enhance the self-development through training for young people developing self-confidence and getting professional work experience helping them take any intensive initiative to transform successful entrepreneurs."